Wireless Earphones – Better than WIRED earphones

Wireless Earphones

Wireless earphones are evolving rapidly since Apple first launched the iPhone 7, which dropped the traditional earphone jack in favor of a true wireless connection. Traditionally speaking, wired earphones have been of a higher quality and reliability. Now, however, it’s changing, and the gap in sound quality is closing.

wireless earphones model awei t5
wireless earphones model awei t5

Review of Apple Airpods – True Wireless Earphones

best wireless earphones
best wireless earphones

It’s S$239 from official Apple store.
The Apple AirPods are still among the best wireless earbuds you can own.
We start from the battery life. The wireless Airpods can last 5 hours for music time and 24 hours if comes with the charging case. it’s charged super fast, with 15 minutes charging time, it can play for another 2 hours for the music. The battery case looks nice and sleek also.

Sound quality:
Simply speaking, the sound quality is crystal clear, nice and lord, but not the best bass in the world,
It is very light weight and super comfortable to wear, however it just looks a bit silly, especially the part that looks like a stick. And when comes to gym, it’s a no go to me, because it dropped off easily. The Apple Airpods wireless earphones don’t sit quite securely enough in my ears, so it’s not my choice during sporty activities.

Review of Jabra Elite 65t – The New Wireless Star

With many of the new wireless headphones and cordless earphones hit the market, the Jabra Elite 65t is a really competitive player among several great models to consider. Generally speaking, the sonic fidelity of Jabra Elite 65t is superb, the little bulkier but unique design makes the wireless earphone comfortable and stable without additional wings.
They sound excellent with more robust bass for truly wireless headphones, perform reliably and are great for making calls. It comes two microphones in each earpiece. The battery life is decent at 5 hours which is the same as the Apple EarPods and the included charging case delivers two extra charges.Technically speaking, the Elite 65t is not considered a true sports model, though it is splash and dust resistant. However, it survived just fine during the routine activity in the gym for me. So I give it a go to use in the gym. But due to its bigger size, it makes my ear canal itchy after wearing for sometime, but it is ok.
The noise cancellation feature works just fine, a tremendous amount of passive isolation, which ensures a most robust bass response than typical wireless earbuds.

Feature and price of normal wired earphones

Features like noise-cancelling technology, waterproof design and Bluetooth or wireless capabilities are responsible for a lot of variations in the price of headphones. Typically, headphones purchased directly from a manufacturer can range in price from S$2 to S$50. There are also noticeable differences in quality between S$2 earbuds and S$50 studio headphones

The alternative: traditional earphones with wire

Sometimes an earphone can be a life saver, If you don’t want to spend too much on a wireless or Bluetooth devices, go wired. Also, for example, some of the pricey wireless earphones fall out of your ears if you try to run with them and they’re easy to lose. So traditional wired earphones are still a good choice for many. AWEI earphones offer decent audio quality at the cost less than S$30. AWEI earphones themselves are comfortable when listening for extended periods of time, and unlike most budget earphones, the cable of AWEI earphones is manageable.The weight of the aluminum would also give its earphones a very premium feel considering the cost. Its wired earphones may not be the best in market, but considering its quality and price, it’s worth buying.

sports earphones
sports earphones